A beautiful boy, mom, dad and an accordion

Ilonka contacted me for a maternity shoot a while ago, but unfortunately we were on our well deserved break to the States, so we scheduled Riku’s shoot a few months later. I thought boys were busy, naughty and just uhmm unpredictable..thats boys right  (Well I dont know I just have 3 girls). But I can tell you, as small as this little angel is, he was sooo well behaved, all he did was put his hands in front of his face for all the bright lights.

Like everything there is a story and this one is special:)Ilonka married her best friends brother on the 9th May 2009, and 5 months later she was expecting her little boy. Ilonka is the only child, so her family welcomed the arrival of the little angel. Riku was born on the 26th July this year, tall (51cm) and very long fingers. Mom hope he would play Elvis one day.

Well Elvis is what she called her accordion, she searched for one after she fell in love with the sound of the accordion on their wedding. It was the most beautiful sound through the autumn trees that she heard, and wanted the memory of that day to live on forever. So like all girls do, we make a plan:). She found one on the Internet, butttt it was an heirloom, thus something that has been in a family for generations. The owner was in Cape Town and the accordion in Joburg, but that did not stop her, she phoned the aunt in Joburg up and one look and it was sold. When she phoned the owner to tell him that she bought it, he started to cry. For him the sentimental value was priceless, but he did not realise the real price tag on this baby, the case that is came with is more expensive than they price that she paid for it:)The inside of this instrument is made up of pure Mahogany wood.

Well, in her own words this will be their heirloom, and Riku will have to play Elvis one day, thank goodness he was born with long fingers…no pressure on you little Riku…hehehe

Here are some pics of Riku, and one day maybe him and Elvis will be famous, especially with a good teacher like mommy.

Make-up artist: Hannelie Burger

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