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Who said life is easy? I really don’t know but what I can say is that even if it is not easy, it is pretty damn good!

I had one of those days, the blue Monday, but it is a Friday, what do you call that, is there such a thing? I don’t know, but I felt it. Today was just one of THOSE days, waking up when the moon is still up, looking at your clothes and there is NOTHING to wear, working the GHD (the Good Hair Day gadget) and not getting the good hair, saying goodbye to go off to work and your little one greets you with NIGHT NIGHT, yea that sucks, and then its just downhill from there. Tears streaming down my face in front of a friend (how embarrassing, with a tissue in my hand not knowing if I should cover my eyes or my nose…hehehe), bawling my eyes out in the car while talking to hubby over the phone, and fellow drivers looking at me, thinking “CRAZY WOMAN DRIVER”.

My therapy is to grab my camera and hide into my safe place , behind the camera, to have a glimpse at the world through different “eyes”, and that is what I did. I grabbed the camera  that I picked up today from (the Canon IDMIV a.k.a “the property of melaniejanse”) and my precious “model”.

She documented exactly my emotions of the day (without me even telling her), it amazes me what these little ones can feel when they are in your presence.

So here am I this morning (without the smirk however). Angry at everything and everyone, and ready for attack.

Then you have those special people in your life that just makes everything right. Hubby giving me a hug before I even had a chance to put down my handbag (and almost making me cry again), encouragement from friends, and then the tons and tons of kisses from our 3 girls. How on earth can I not smile after all the love that I am showered with everyday.

Life will always have its ups and downs, I learned that despite the disappointments, you just need to keep your head high and focus on THE ONE that holds your heart.



admin - Thank you my friend :) Then I would have bawled my eyes out in front of the whole building…hehehehe, next time I am picking up the phone and you can pick up the pieces :) :) Thank you xxx

Jeanette Verster - Sorry you had such a rough day… remember I’m in the building hey, so we can meet for coffee anytime and vent a little

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