Keep your eye on the prize

Well, today I was on mommy duty, mind you it started last night. Hubby has been away and as he is the chef in the house (and a pretty good one if I may say so myself) I was standing in front of the fridge thinking….uhmmm what do these kids eat (Yes that’s right, I cant cook) but what I can make is scrambled eggs, so that is what I decided to make, I won’t mention the fact that I thought after I tasted the scrambled eggs that who on earth makes vinegar bottles looks the same as olive oil. Well the kids did not say a word, I definitely were not about to announce that I cant even make scrambled eggs!!

So yes, mommy duty it was for me and today I had the privilege to attend my angel’s public speaking. ENGLISH public speaking, and she is as Afrikaans as you can get (although the has a hint of an American accent from staring at the tele too much). She walked on the stage with one huge smile, and then I saw it! Her notes were all scribbled on little pieces of ripped off paper, no match in size or shape, tiny little strips with her words on it. My head went down in shame, what do they think, her mom does not even help her to get her notes printed on proper cards, not even mentioning that I did not even know what she is going to talk about. Well I have to admit, that I was “absent” for the past three months, drowning in work, and did not pay much attention. And on top of that she only told me this morning that she is doing public speaking and dad is away and she really really wants me there. I made a plan and I went. And she taught me a HUGE lesson.

I did not think to be  honest that she is going to stand up and talk, she is AFRIKAANS, she has this tiny little lisp and slurssss her s’s, but she did not care. She was determined to do it. She stood up with confidence and a huge smile of pride, looked me once over and smiled and then she started. I was in awe, with her little bit of slurring and her tiny hint of American mixed with Afrikaans accent she spoke with utter confidence.

They started handing out certificates, and one by one the students were called, but not Danielle, oh my when is she going to be called I thought, and then it was her name LAST on the list. She got first prize an A+++ . At that moment I felt like running up and holding her and just sob!! Not only was I not even aware until this morning that she had public speaking today, I did not want to go, I did not even know what she was going to talk about. She did it all herself.

On our way home she told me…”Mom, I came 5th in grade 1, I came 3rd in grade 2, BUT I came FIRST in grade 3. I knew I could do it, I just had to keep on trying”. Those words will stay with me forever..”I knew I could do it, I just had to keep on trying”.

Today I am sitting here writing this piece on a day in the live of my family, and I am thinking. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! I just need to keep on trying and keep my eye on the prize. The prize might be trying to cook better scrambled eggs, or trying to be more present in my family life, but try I will try in every aspect of my life. The prize is there, you just need to grab it.

I am so so proud of you baby girl, you made my heart do flip flops today, and you taught your mom a very hard lesson with just a few words.



Tom Coetzee - Well written, lovely testimony Melanie thanks for sharing!

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