Engaged – Jaco & Samantha

Jaco is one special guy for a very special girl (Samantha). Jaco phoned us last year to book two possible wedding dates. Why 2 wedding dates? Because at the time he called us,  Samanhta had no idea what he was planning. He booked the wedding venue, the photographers (Jaco and I) without Samantha even knowing about a huge surprise.

Their love story is from a fairytale.

In 2002, Samantha was the new girl in school in grade 10. She was in love with life and sport, so it was not strange for her to go to a rugby game with her friends. That is where she saw Jaco (never knowing that he will be her future husband). Jaco obviously could not play proper rugby that day, because his eyes kept on wondering to this beautiful girl in the stands. And with all his special contacts (as rugby players have) he managed to get hold of Samantha’s cell phone number and sent his first SMS. They oficially became an “item” on the 20th June 2002. Jaco asked Samantha to accompany him to the Winter Ball, and Samantha said YES.  (again not knowing that the same YES will flow from her lips in 10 years time). They danced their first dance to the song “With arms wide open” from Creed.

In 2003 they both declared their faith in their church surrounded by family and friends and the Minister that will seal their vows on their wedding day. Their faith grew stronger and knew then, that they would be there for each other for better or worse.

They matriculated in 2004 and went together to their matric farewell, everyone joked with them saying they looked like they were on their way to the chapel (well technically they were, they just did not know it yet). From 2005 to 2008 they studied together at Potchefstroom University (Pukke) and were each others rock, with motivation, love and faith.

Samantha became very sick and that is where Jaco showed how deep his love for her is. He was by her side every day, holding her spirits high, giving her faith and most of all his love. They knew then that they can never be apart. They laugh together, cry together, they know each others fears, and their dreams.

The big day arrived, 17 December 2012, it was a windy day, Samantha wanted to stay in the house, but Jaco was on edge. He knew he had to ask the question, so after a few hours he got Samantha out of the house and on to Chapman’s peak looking out on Houtbay. Candles in the shape of a heart arranged around them, champagne and Sushi. Jaco went on one knee and asked the question. Samantha said the same YES (at 23:30) as she did 10 years ago as the already made ring was slipped on her finger. Jaco then broke the news that the date is set (21 September 2013) the venue booked (Anderland in Potchefstroom) and the photographers booked (Jaco and I).

It was so hard to keep the secret, and I was like a stalker on their facebook pages not to miss the day when Jaco ask Samantha the big question.

With a love story like this their future is sealed and we cant wait for their wedding day on the 21 September 2013.

Make-up: Hannelie Burger






Jolandie - ONE amazing feel-good love story!! May they have the happy life together that they seemed to have dreamt of forever!!!
Good luck for the wedding you two!! And beautiful photos Melanie!! Love them all!!!

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