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“We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” ~ from the movie “About Time”

This past week for me was like a roller coaster ride, turning my world upside down, 4 weddings complete and a 5 day trip to London in between. No wonder I was weeping on the way back home  Friday night while watching the movie “About time”. Well at least I got an extra blanket as sympathy treatment from the air hostess. The point is, I realised that all we have is time. Yes I know, you have heard it before, but for me it was like a wake up from the worst air turbulence you can expeirence (I’m afraid of flying by the way).

You don’t have excuses, you will always have time listening to your daughters atrocious day, even if it takes her a half an hour to get ot the point. Time to blow dry her hair, even if she is 13 years old. Time for a hug, when they run up to you from behind your computer, and you are super agitated because you can’t connect to the internet. These are the memories I would like to engrave in my mind. I cant turn back time, I cant get back what i lost with them, but somehow I CAN make it up. Well, lets not get into all my sobbing, my philosophical moment (if that is even a word) and the awkward stares I got from the passengers.

I thought it would be appropriate to post some photo’s of the Mulder family (now residing in Wimbledon, England). They made time to visit their family in South Africa for a few weeks, and booked me for some special memories. Not only did we have the most gorgeous light and venue (Irene dairy farm), but I was blessed with the company of this humble family, grandparents, parents and children. Every move and every moment was overwhelming with the intimacy they share. I know it is hard to be away from family, never mind 9 hours flight from home, but I also know the sweet taste of when you get another, and another chance to cuddle in your mom and dad’s arms, no matter how old you are:)

Venue: Irene Dairy Farm

Make up: Hannelie Burger


Fanie Mulder - I have to say that our Family photo session with Melanie Janse was a once in a lifetime Experience! You are the Best!!!!!

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