Leopard lodge weddings – Bert & Lorinda

When we met Bert and Lorinda, I immediately felt a connection. Seriously we could not stop talking, and what can one expect when you have to cover about 15 years of history between them.

Lorinda with her bubbly personality made sure I understood her one request…she wanted to get into a tree, and she did. I was seriously anxious when she started climbing and realised that she was not kidding, but as for her love of the nature and hiking I could not expect less.

To make sure I get all the details of their 15 years, I asked them to write me their story, and here it is from Bert’s point of view.

“15 years ago, I caught a brief glimpse of my bride when we passed by each other in a walk way.  Our eyes met and we greeted each other  with a warm smile, a smile I never forgot ! Although I had noticed her before it was the first time we greeted and from that moment I was always interested, but was too shy to make further contact, even though we were both single at the time and later heard that the interest was mutual.

Lorinda was always attractive to me, but as fate would have it, nothing materialised out of that initial greeting and for 15 years we lived life along separate paths with its joys and sadness. I, married and then later divorced and Lorinda never married. Then one-day, in January 2014, we once again passed by each other in the foyer and Lorinda greeted me with the same smile she did 15 years earlier, only this time it was more apparent to me, so much so, that after initially only just about responding with a “hi” , I followed it up with an E-mail when I got back to my office. From that moment I couldn’t get her out of my mind as I realised she was just as beautiful to me now as what she was  when we first greeted, all those years ago.

We communicated endlessly and went on our first date on the 8th of February. I knew then that I was going to marry her, even though she thought in her heart I was not really interested in her! Our second date was on Valentine’s day, the day we kissed for the first time – a wonderful moment , a moment I’ll never forget after patiently waiting , unknowingly , for 15 years ! Unbeknown to me , Lorinda was going to emigrate in August of 2014. However, four months after our first date, to the day, we were engaged and after eight months I was fortunate to marry Lorinda and have the opportunity to together build a life of memories with my soul mate, friend and most important person in my life.

It sometimes saddens me to ponder on the fact that we’ve lost so much time and I have to constantly remind myself of the fact that God’s timing is always perfect and that He’s given us our heart’s desire ! It truly is wonderful and a blessing, to be deeply in love and happily married and have the opportunity to build of dreams off that foundation.”

Venue: Leopard Lodge

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